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Licensing Opportunities

Abwasser Technologies is a technology licensing company with exclusive rights to water sterilization and treatment technologies granted in a collection of patents that are at the core of our molecular disassociation technology. This technology, Precise Energy Separation™ or PES™ has broad applications across a spectrum of vertical markets within the water treatment industry. We are not a manufacturer of water treatments solutions, rather we seek to integrate our technology in existing water treatment equipment and processes. Our success lies in delivering water treatment and sterilization providers with advanced water technology, that brings substantially greater energy savings, sterilization rates and value to their products and services.

Abwasser is actively engaged in seeking licensing partners for integrating PES™ technology in their equipment and water treatment solutions. We are interested in a broad range of licensing partners from small equipment manufacturers to large, globally positioned, water treatment providers who see the value in our advanced water sterilization technology. Continued research and development is an ongoing effort at Abwasser which is why we are also looking for research partners in academia and industry to further develop our technologies in on-site, real world demonstrations.

If your company or organization is interested in learning more about a strategic partnership with Abwasser Technologies please contact us here. (link to contact) You may also call us directly at 1-833-309-2837 or email us at:

Emilio Coppola, COO, Abwasser Technologies at emilio@abwassertech.com

Phil Taylor, Director at phil@abwassertech.com


At Abwasser we want to change the way people think about water sterilization. Our PES™ sterilization has the potential to be a breakthrough technology that we believe will be the Next Generation of Water Sterilization. As global water resources become increasingly scarce, we believe our technology can play a major role in solving a growing water crisis and addressing the basic human need for clean water.

PES™ patented technology has the power to be a disruptive force in the water sterilization and waste treatment industry with the potential to drive market demand and add value to equipment manufacturers and service providers.

PES™ technology consumes 90% less energy over current UV technology and eliminates the costs associated with chemical treatment. These efficiencies significantly add value to larger wastewater treatment providers, but are also incredibly important to smaller, low volume providers that have much higher per unit costs of operation. We see our technology as having the potential to significant lower the per unit costs and return significant value to municipalities where revenue streams are limited.

The impact of our technology on waste treatment architecture also presents great opportunity to lower infrastructure cost by changing the methods and process of how water is treated and sterilized. Storm water remediation is a particular area in which the high cost of water retention infrastructure and transfer to treatment arteries are prohibitive to addressing compliance issues. PES™ technology with 100% kill rates at high flows and high turbidity offers municipalities the opportunity to consider treatments solutions that significantly lower infrastructure costs and make compliance an affordable option. At Abwasser, we see the strong potential for market creation and expansion by making solutions that were once cost prohibitive, now feasible and practical.

Removing chemical treatment from industrial water quality control systems bring the opportunity rethink how we protect industrial cooling infrastructure, maintain aquaculture biosecurity, and improve the quality of treated effluent. Chemical applications in sterilization have their limits. Complications from corrosion, creation of toxic by products and off-gassing, the need for chemical management, long treatment times, neutralization processes and impartial kill rates all place limits on the design and effectiveness of chemical based sterilizations systems. With PES™ advanced technology, we see a disruptive advantage to rethink sterilizations systems in a way that is more efficient and economic without relying on chemical sterilization.

Most importantly we see our technology’s ability to reach the high bar of complete destruction of all microbial pathogens without any possibility of regeneration of genetic mutation. In the age of the super-bug, MRSA,  antibiotic or chlorine resistant bacteria we see our sterilization technology as playing a critical role in preventing the spread of deadly pathogens by treating at the source before they get into municipal systems and natural waterways. This is a significant advantage over current UV sterilizations systems that can not offer 100% destruction of the cellular structure of these deadly microbes. As the standards for sterilization and removal of these pathogens becomes increasing necessary, our PES™ technology make such high-stakes compliance possible.

If you see the potential that we see in our advanced sterilization technology and would like to know more about investment opportunities please contact Emilio Coppola at 1-833-309-2837 or via email at emilio@abwassertech.com

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