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100% Kill Rate
  • Unlike conventional methods of water sterilization our PES™ sterilization process is able to achieve 100% kill rates on all forms of pathogens from multi-cell organisms to cysts and spores.
  • By disassociating the carbon bonds essential for all life forms, the cellular structure of the organism is destroyed.
  • There is no reassembling of the cell’s membrane. The organism is dead. Traditional methods which target the DNA of the organism (inactivation) many times find that the organism has repaired their DNA and can reproduce after release into downstream waterways.
  • FDA approved process for sterilization of food and beverage.

High Flow Rate

  • Sterilization occurs within a fraction of a second upon exposure to PES™ energy.
  • Turbidity of effluent is not a limiting factor — up to 50% UVT.
  • Unaffected by water chemical composition — whatʼs in the water will not effect or change our 100% kill rate of all living organisms exposed to PES™.   Salinity has no effect of sterilization capability.
  • Real-time sterilization of water — no need for large retention systems or storage time until treatment.
  • Non-batch system processing — allows for continuous flow processing of sterilized water.
  • A 4ʼx4” reaction chamber is capable of processing 1.2 million gallons a day of 50% UVT wastewater into sterilized water ready to be discharged into waterways.

Completely Scalable

  • Our PES™ system is completely scalable up or down — from a portable unit powered by batteries to systems capable of treating in excess of 10 billion gallons a day.
  • PES™ technology is easily integrated into existing systems and processes — making for rapid deployment of PES™ without significant changes in infrastructure.
  •  A small, compact footprint allows for easy implementation — A PES™ system capable of sterilizing 28,000 gallons a minute or 40 million gallons a day of wastewater occupies a 10ʼ x 10ʼ x 6ʼ footprint.

Low Energy Consumption

  • PES™ utilizes only a fraction of the power necessary for conventional, continuous wave UV sterilization, providing 100% kill rates through ultra short, compressed energy pulses.
  • Our PES™ system is typically over 10 times more efficient than traditional UV systems —  A PES™ system is capable of processing 40 million gallons a day of 50% UVT wastewater using only 1,000 watts of energy!
  • Our PES™ systems are so power efficient that they can be powered with batteries or a hand crank generator — perfect for operations of grid and remote locations.

No Toxic By-Products

  • Our PES™ process creates no toxic by-products.  Our sterilization method focuses on breaking the carbon bonds in the organism’s cellular structure.   This process is neither a chemical or photochemical reaction.
  • Our PES™ sterilization is precise–chemical and photochemical sterilization creates secondary reactions that can lead to toxic-by products in the effluent.
  • PES™ focuses only on breaking carbon bonds.
  • PES™ eliminates the need for chemical neutralization from sterilization process using ozone, chlorine or other disinfectants.

Elimination of Chemical, Heat or Filtration

  • Our PES™ process does not sterilize effluent through heating, filtration, chemicals or biologic agents — dramatically simplifying the sterilization process and complicated disinfection systems.
  • Sterilization without chemical treatment removes life-cycle chemical management, storage and safety issues.
  • Sterilization without heat is revolutionary for the food and beverage industry, offering all the benefits of high temperature sterilization without damaging food quality of nutritional value.