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Abwasser PES6000 Lab Unit

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Power Input:

  • Continuous operation input:110 – 240 Volts, 15 Amp 50 or 60 Hz. A/C Circuit
  • Power Consumption: Maximum 140 Watts/Pulse

Generator and Capacitor Bank Power Output Per Pulse:

  • Triger Pulse:50,000 Volts for 50ns
  • Pulse Duration: 10µ
  • Volts:1 to 6,000 (saw-tooth DC)
  • Hertz:Single Shot, 1 to 5 (Maximum 10 with external trigger)
  • Capacitor Bank:All storage capacitors are connected in parallel with a total capacitance of 9 uF.
  • Monitoring Port:Monitoring of current to flash-lamp is done by current shunt with capacitance of 1 Ohm, via FC26 female connector near rear of capacitor bank housing

Light Output:

  • Range of wavelengths:Depends on flash-lamp specifications and customization

Long Lamp Specifications:

Approximately 32”long by 1”diameter

  • Spectral Range: 220nm to 400nm (Peaking from 320nm to 400nm)
    (non-ozone producing)
  • Gas: Xenon
  • Amps:10,000
  • Watts: 5,000,000 – 7,000,000
  • Volts: 3,500 (approximately 10 joules per pulse)
  • Volts: 6,000 (approximately 100 joules per pulse)

Treatment Flow Rate:

  • Up to 200 gallons per minute

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